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Meet Jackie Kimmel

Jackie is a certified Masterson Method Practitioner & Coach, Animal Reiki Level I certified, and avid painter. While she fell in love with horses at a young age, her journey to becoming an equine bodywork and owning her own art business was a bit bumpy. 

Through volunteering at therapy barns, Jackie fell deeper in love with horses and their ability to heal themselves and those in their presence. She began the work of becoming a PATH instructor, but found it wasn't quite the right fit. She worked for many years as a veterinary technician, and saw she helped the animals feel better but it still wasn't quite right. Jackie resigned to the fact that a career in horses was not in her future, and kept horses instead as a passion she kept alive through volunteering.

Tragedy struck when her beloved aunt passed, and Jackie was found asking the question - what is my purpose? She was working four jobs, none of them to do with horses and she was utterly unhappy. Having praised equine therapy for years, she finally attended a session for herself to process the death of her aunt and help her find direction. She walked out of that session feeling more sure than ever that horses were in her future. As she exited the session, she ran into an equine bodyworker working with a horse in the barn. Jackie stared in disbelief as the practitioner worked WITH the horse, listening and responding, and enabling the horse to lick and yawn with tension visibly being released from their body. The bodyworker was doing Masterson Method, and described the benefits and science behind the techniques.  


Jackie went home, bought the book, and fell in love. 

Masterson Method was just the beginning. Jackie soon after discovered animal reiki with Kathleen Prasad, the importance of fascial trains, proper saddle fit, and horse speak with Sharon Wilse. She truly believes we still have so much to learn about the horse, and can benefit greatly from sharing knowledge across disciplines.  Jackie also followed her passion for creating and teaching art. She quit her job as an art instructor and started her own art business, The Wandering Artist LLC. She does custom art & workshops. As you may have guessed, her favorite custom pieces are pet portraits.  


Certified as a Masterson Method Practitioner & Coach, enabling her to better help the equine community she loves and share the knowledge she has gained

Eight years of experience as a Veterinary Technician, where Jackie learned the importance of proper veterinary care and the benefits of supplemental integrative techniques to healing and overall health

Trained in Reiki & Animal Reiki I by Kathleen Prasad, giving her the ability to stay grounded, and hold a healing space

Many years volunteering at therapy barns, which ultimately led Jackie to follow her passion of helping horses through equine bodywork


Graduate of Ursinus College with a Bachelor of Science, where she combined her love of biology and art 

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